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Study Russian in Moscow State University

Russian language is among the most flexible languages in the world. Lot of foreigners wants to find the reliable educational institution for learning Russian language. The MSU with its qualified professors and gifted students is the most attractive place to learn Russian in Moscow. This university ensures one-of-a-kind environment for you to study and communicate in. Russian language school in Moscow begins decades ago from MSU.

Our university is not only the perfect place to study Russian language but to learn Russian history and culture, too! Our Russian courses, conducted at the Moscow State University are held by degreed faculty members. Here you are the one who chooses the time to begin and finish a course. Russian language school in Moscow every year welcomes a lot of new foreign students.

For all of the students learning Russian language begins from the identification of their knowledge level. Our Russian language school in Moscow is established by the MSU and provides training on such language levels as beginner, intermediate, advanced both in group and individual formats. Russian Language Centre is certified with the state license which allows it to teach Russian to students from other countries. Moreover, our sophisticated teachers will guarantee extremely fast progress in your Russian language learning. 

Learn russian language in Moscow State University

The Moscow State University being the oldest one in the country carries the biggest prestige among all Russian universities. Russian language school in Moscow at MSU is the most respectable school of Russian language in Russia.

Learn Russian in Moscow

The teaching staff of the Russian language school in Moscow consists of topnotch professionals whose accomplishments in contemporary sciences are known all over the world. Besides, fast progress in studying is backed with using the up-to-date technologies. All this ensures recognition and respect to a Diploma of the Moscow University anywhere in the world. A big number of education programs are run in synergy with research institutes of the MSU and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Russian language school in Moscow is the best place to learn Russian in Russia.

Besides its educational advantages the University is also special in other aspects, one of which is its architecture. The Main Building of the MSU is bigger and taller than any other university building in the world. There is also everything a student might need apart from studying: lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, dining halls, dormitories, movie theatre, conference hall, post office, clinics, pharmacy, and various shops are located in the campus, which makes living here comfortable to the utmost. The University cares for health of its students too, so there also are various sport facilities: 12 gyms, a couple of swimming pools, baseball and football fields, a number of tennis courts and many others. MSU is the one of the best Moscow University. Russia for a long time famous it's high level of education. Russian language school in Moscow State University has the same high level.

The Moscow State University is present in miscellaneous international associations, carries on cooperation with such large foundations as the UNESCO and The World Bank and huge variety of universities in all parts of our planet which it has entered more than 350 exchange, research and cooperation agreements with.

The Moscow State University has launched and provided up-to-date education programs and services in all the basic fields of research and education, that guarantee that the students will not only get keen insight into the fundamental subjects but also into specific scientific issues and areas. Though the large majority of these programs are taught in Russian, the MSU always welcomes foreign students who some courses are organized in other languages for. Learning Russian language at Moscow University in Russia is the best way to understand the Russian soul. You can find more information about learning at Russian language school and pass the free test on this site. Start to study Russian in Russia with us! Learning Russian in Russia will be a nice trip and unique experience for you.