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New year in Moscow

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New year in Moscow
During the winter holiday season, Moscow is a place to be. The city itself is so versatile,
offering an endless amount of activities and beauties. Traditionally, the capital is
decorated at the end of November. It turns Moscow into the city of fairy tales.
This tradition is rooted in the ancient times when Russians enlightened winter's
long dark nights. In November and December, days are short and gloomy, and it
takes a strong character to survive a harsh winter. Being cheerful in those days
helps to keep up with frosty air and dark evenings. Traditionally, at this time of the
year, Russians as other nations who lived in areas with the four-season climate of
fruitful summer and strong winter were free from agricultural works. Moreover,
they were ready for the winter with all food supplies placed in storages for the cold

It was a time for communication, meetings, and weddings too. This
climate and geographical reason explains winter festivities and modern traditions
to decorate cities and cherish every moment spent together. Unfortunately, the
traditional New Year festival "Путешествие в Рождество" (“Journey to Christmas”)
was cancelled. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions in the 2020-2021 holiday season,
Moscow will try to make people happy as much as possible. Following is a list of
places and activities available this year.


The most stunning decoration could be seen on Red Square and the surrounding areas. The main Christmas tree was installed on Manezhnaya square, a step from the Kremlin. The live 20 meters festival tree came from the forestry of the Tver region. It was decorated in a classic Christmas style: in red and gold tones.

Tverskaya square features the "starry sky" spread over the fountain near the Pushkin monument and the Rossiya movie theater. Strings of glowing garlands hung here and in other central streets: Nikolskaya street, Kuznetsky most and Rozhdestvenka, in Kamergersky and Stoleshnikov lanes, on Yunosti square in Zelenograd. Moscow parts are also decorated with bright iridescent garlands.


The main department store of the country, GUM, offers a traditional fair around the Christmas tree, where you can buy gingerbread, sweets and Christmas toys.


It is the most famous place to visit. During the holiday season and on the New Year eve, Muscovites and guests of the capital come to Red square and GUM. In the shopping arcades of GUM fair, you can find exquisite souvenirs, samovars, hats with earflaps, matryoshkas, Gzhel and Khokhloma.


Not only gifts and souvenirs, but a lot of entertainment cold be found here: children ride on carousels, young people - on the ice rink, and adults are treated to delicious mulled wine. The fair is open from December to February.


The most important thing is the fair is the very center of the capital and surrounded by brightly decorated Moscow streets.

Another important part of the holiday activities is choosing gifts for relatives and friends. Recently, it has become popular to make them yourself. Moscow offers a lot of possibilities to get to learn it at the most festive New Year’s fairs. They allow us to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the upcoming holidays. Many different craftsmen offer beautiful gifts to present, delicious treats to try and master classes to learn. Although many were advertised, some restrictions could be applied. So, check the schedule before you decide to go somewhere.

There are other fairs where different gifts are available.
Fair-mess on the Bottle (Большая Новодмитровская улица, 36). We take everything, we participate in everything! Under this slogan, a new year's fair is held at the Flakon design factory. Here you can not only buy unique author's gizmos-jewelry, Christmas toys, postcards, posters, badges, treats, but also look into new year's workshops, participate in master classes, listen to lectures about Christmas and New year.
New Year’s fair at VDNH (проспект Мира, 119). Altogether with the big ice skating rink and paths, the fair is held on the Industrial Square, behind the pavilion No. 58 "Agriculture". After skating you could try dishes from different peoples of the world, buy cool gifts for your loved ones-warm mittens, scarves, Christmas toys, sweet presents and much more. Performances of folk groups, acrobats, live music, and contests are available all the holiday season around.

The Fair of gifts from the Central House of Artists, ЦДХ (улица Ильинка, 4) is one of the oldest and has been held for more than 20 years. Creative associations of artists and craftsmen annually delight visitors with their works in a unique style. Here you can buy anything you want: original dolls, rare antiques, hand-made sweaters and scarves, natural cosmetics, books, and even tea collections.

The Sokolniki fair (5-й Лучевой просек, 5А, стр. 3) is not only an opportunity to buy beautiful gifts for relatives on Orthodox themes, but also to remember the origins of one of the main holidays – Christmas. Traditionally, the best masters of Orthodox monasteries and churches present their works here – ceramic and wooden Souvenirs, Church items, icons, embroidery and much more.

Do not forget about ice skating, a popular open-air activity in Moscow. Check an ice-rink on Red square with stunning views of historical buildings. VDNH always prepares its paths for passionate skaters as well as Gorky Park is open for everyone who wants to try a popular winter activity and embrace the holiday mood.

Also, if you want to make a wish, you could write a letter to Ded Moroz. Traditionally, children write and send their letters via mail. But starting this year, it is possible to send him an email following this link: https://dedmorozmos.ru/letters/ If the letter is sent between 18 November and 15 December, it is possible to get a personal response from Russian Santa. However, if you decide to write to him personally, there is still a possibility: to go for a walk in the nearest park and find a special mailing box. 42 special boxes "Post office of the Moscow Estate of Santa Claus" are located in the most visible places: at the main entrances, on the central alleys, near the administration building. One mailbox can also be found in the Central Children's Store in the atrium on the first floor, near the New Year’s photo zone. Do not worry about your letter: every week, a snowman-mailer on a special branded bus will collect letters and deliver them to the Moscow Estate of Santa Claus.

Finally, do not forget about the best show that could be available in the city. The tradition of fireworks on holidays appeared during the reign of Peter the Great. Now the New Year’s salute in Moscow is the same tradition as a decorated Christmas tree, a bottle of campaign, and an unforgettable Olivier salad. Hundreds of thousands of people come to see the incredible pyrotechnic show on a festive night. However, this time there are restrictions in the capital due to the coronavirus. Whether the salute will take place from the night of December 31, 2020 to January 1, 2021, has not yet been reported.

New Year’s fireworks are usually held in all districts of Moscow. There are more than 30 special sites-20 points in parks and 13 more special sites, both in the city center and on its outskirts. It is not yet known how many sites will be used for the New Year’s fireworks in 2020-2021 and whether the pyrotechnic show will take place at all. The list of sites has not yet been formed.
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