Terms and conditions

Access to the University

The security system of the University is strict. We ask for a photo to make a student ID card as a pass to the territory. If the student forgets the student card, it will be possible to enter the building with a passport (no ID, driving license etc will be accepted)


The student should make the payment before the course starts or within 3 working days after the start of the course.

The student is obliged to attend classes. In case of individual lessons, the student should inform the teacher about the cancellation of not later than a day before. Otherwise this classes have to be paid.


The student should follow rules of stay in the host family. If caused any damage to the property it should be compensated.

Visa and registration

Within 7 working days after crossing the border every foreign citizen must be registered by the migration office.

Primary visa is issued for a period of 90 days and can be extended without leaving the country.