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Evening russian classes

Course price — 108 € 
9 ac. hours — per week
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 Advantages of the evening classes

Evening time Russian lessons in Moscow University provide not only a special course schedule, but in addition have some peculiarities in teaching and learning of educational material. It is well-known that during the day a person perceives information with different efficiency. Scientists consider the most favorable periods of time for an active intellectual activity between 8 am and 1pm and between 4 pm and 7 pm. Learning during those periods may bring much more effect than, let us say, at dinner-time from 1pm till 4 pm. 

In this context, evening Russian courses just hit that sensitive and most suitable for learning time period. However, after working or academic day new information is not acquired as efficiently as in the morning. Thus, in order to provide effective learning of educational material during evening courses we use a special training method, which involves the following techniques: 

  • sequential interchange of different activities according to the pattern “audition – discussion – writing – reading – discussion– audition» and so on;
  • priority of exercises with the active involvement of all students;
  • combining of educational material out of several topical blocks within one learning session (Russian Language as a Foreign Language text books are given by the Center);
  • extended amount of exercises material review and language skills reinforcement.

Selecting the most interesting exercises and consistently arranging educational material within one learning session, teacher helps students to overcome evening tiredness and focus on a lesson. The interchange of different types of communicative activities makes it possible to involve every student in the learning process. Exercises with the active participation of students aimed at the covered material review and acquired skills reinforcement help to improve learning efficiency as well.
Thus, evening Russian course in Moscow built according to the similar pattern allows students to reach the maximum level of focus on a learning material and learn foreign language as effectively as in the morning. Moreover, a convenient course schedule helps students to combine Russian learning with their main occupation – studies or work. 

A lot of foreigners who live and work in Moscow wish to take evening Russian lessons in Moscow University Russian language Centre. It is suitable for the businessmen, diplomats and students who work during daytime. The majority of such students wish to have group evening time Russian classes. Usually group tuition is available at daytime. Therefore most of the students, who to take the evening time Russian classes take them individually. It doesn’t affect the price. The majority of foreigners simply want to communicate during Russian classes. In that case, there is a problem with various level of knowledge of Russian students. It does not allow uniting them in one group. To solve this problem there is a special offer. 

We accept student to the individual Russian course. But the price remains the same. Any moment another student with the same level of knowledge may join a group. So we always have evening time Russian classes in Moscow State University. Even in case if there is only one student in a group. Usually classes are in the center of Moscow. Students don’t have homework, because the teacher pays a lot of attention at studding materials during the classes. Some of students miss the classes due to work. So the teachers revise the material during the classes. That’s why evening Russian classes in Moscow are very popular.