Obtaining a visa

Do you need help with correct and swift processing of the Russian visa? MSU Russian Language Centre is here to support the students in getting through all the procedures without any troubles.

We will send you an invitation for your student visa.


How to get an invitation

Fill in your application

please note that “Place of work” section is mandatory, including employer name, address, and position occupied

Send us a copy of your passport first page (bio page)

including date of birth information and prolongation stamp. Please, send your scan
to our email:

We will process your invitation

and send a copy
to your email address

  • An invitation will be processed only provided that you send the application form and passport scan not less than 30 days prior to your arrival
  • Passport validity period should be not less 1.5 years from the date of entry to Russia
  • Only the visa received on the basis of our invitation will allow you to stay at the MSU hostel


How to obtain a visa

To obtain a visa to Russia you will need to turn to the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country, submitting a copy of your invitation. If needed, we will also send you the original invitation.

Visa processing time
is 5 days minimum

Accommodation while studying

We offer our students two options of accommodation while studying

  • In a host family
  • Universitetskaya Hotel
In a host family

Get to experience the Russian hospitality! The families living near the University or downtown will be happy to host you while you study at the MSU Russian Language Centre. You will have a separate room, breakfast for a small fee and interesting company to practice your language skills.

What are the advantages
  • Your and your belongings are in safety
  • Everyday practice of communication in Russian
  • Help with household aspects, routes and sightseeing, understanding of the Russian mentality
  • Opportunity to have lessons in the family
  • Homemade food during the whole period of stay
  • Refrigerator, Wi-Fi, washing machine
  • You can cook yourself in the kitchen
  • Breakfast: 4 Euro per day
  • You can book your accommodation with a host family minimum 30 days prior to your arrival
Universitetskaya Hotel

You prefer to live in a cosy hotel? Universitetskaya Hotel is located inside the Moscow State University campus. The room has a bath, telephone, TV and a refrigerator. You can even have your lessons in the hotel room.

Why is it convenient?
  • The hotel is located next to the Russian Language Centre
  • The room has telephone, TV, refrigerator, Internet
  • Real comfort without neighbours and strangers

Accommodation cost:
from 45 Euro per day


Do you really want to know what Russian taxis are about? Are you curious about notorious Moscow traffic?

We will meet you at the airport and take you to the place of your study or accommodation. It is comfortable and safe.


How to book your transfer

Let us know the date and time of your arrival, the airport and flight number
Get an email from the Russian Language Centre

with the confirmation, name and phone number of the driver meeting you

The driver will be waiting for you at the airport holding a board with your name

Transfer application should be filed
at least 2-3 business days before your arrival




Transfer from the airport
  • 1 person - 45 €
  • 2 persons - 35 € apiece
  • 4-6 persons - 30 € apiece
Transfer to the airport
  • 1 person - 40 €
  • 2 persons - 30 € apiece
  • 4-6 persons - 25 € apiece
Round trip transfer
(from the airport and to the airport)
  • 1 person - 80 €