Online Russian Course

Moscow State University Russian language center
We have been teaching RUSSIAN as a FOREIGN LANGUAGE since 1990
  • Introduction lesson: define your level,
    get tips for studying from our teacher
  • Study materials are included
  • Certificate of Moscow state University
  • Conducting online lessons on different
    platforms: Zoom, Skype, Wereby, etc.
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Why learn
Russian online
with us?

The online course is a flexible equivalent of the accredited University course offered at our school.
All our teachers are professionals with wide and successful experience.
We will help you to:

  • choose a course that meets YOUR expectations and goals
  • calculate the required frequency and intensity of classes (in particular, the number of training hours per week)
  • find the training materials that are right for you
  • gain the required level in the shortest possible time
  • prepare for the exam
  • achieve your goals, whether it's spoken Russian for everyday communication, for upcoming trip to Russia or Russian as the language of the specialty, business Russian etc.
ATTENTION! We issue a Certificate of MSU (with a minimum order of a package of 8 lessons), can be used for the University/college credits.

Prices & Schedule

Convenient schedule. Various packages of classes.

It is also important to inform that we issue a certificate of MSU (with a
minimum package of 8 lessons!)

Group intensive
  • Days:Monday till Thursday
  • Time:10 am - 2 pm Moscow time
  • Intencity:20 academic hours per week
  • Price:140 Euro per week
  • Price for 2 weeks:135 Euro per week
  • Price for 3 weeks and more:125 Euro per week
Group basic
  • Days:Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Time:7 pm - 9:15 pn Moscow time
  • Intencity:9 academic hours per week
  • Price:75 Euro per week
  • Price for 2 weeks:70 Euro per week
  • Price for 3 weeks and more:65 Euro per week
  • Days:Any day
  • Time:Any time
  • Price for 3 weeks and more:128 Euro per 8 ac. hours
Groups and individually, different intensity, suitable for all levels and goals.
* 1 academic hour = 45 minutes

How long do I study Russian?

80 hours and you will be able to speak Russian.
GENERAL COURSE (in group) 4 academic hour* 5 days a week
* 1 academic hour = 45 minutes

Programs available

  • • Russian language "from scratch»
  • • The course of practice
  • • Express course " Tourist Russian»
  • • Advanced Russian
  • • Russian grammar is easy
  • • Russian: we love books
  • • Russian language in the songs
  • • Watch movies in Russian

Do you want to understand what your Russian friends are talking about, watch Russian movies, understand Russian humor, or communicate with your mother-in-law in her native language? Try to understand the mysterious Russian soul, get acquainted with the rich culture of Russia? Perhaps you have some requests of your own? Let us know and we will be able to create a course specifically for your request.


How do I pay?

- We have various payment methods. We accept all international bank cards, so you can pay online.

Where can I get materials on Russian as a foreign language?

- We will send you all the materials electronically. They are included in the course price

How do i get the Certificate?

- We will send it to you by email. In case if you need the original, we will send it by post.

Can i get a trial lesson?

- Yes, we offer tiral lesson for both group and individual classes

How may students are there in a group?

- Usually we have 3-5 students in our online group.

In what language are the classes conducted?

- We use English for some explanations and mostly use Russian