Summer Russian Course

Поездка в Россию летом?

Летний  курс русского  языка  в Учебном Центре Русского Языка поможет вам освоить элементарный уровень практического русского языка и сделать вашу поездку двойной прибылью. Вы можете использовать свои знания, общаться с носителями языка в повседневных сценариях: на улицах, в транспорте, на стадионах, в гостиницах и ресторанах. Уникальный и аутентичный метод обеспечения немедленного и гарантированного улучшения ваших языковых навыков.


200 €price

20ac. hours


20 €price

1ac. hours

  • phone+7 (495) 761-93-78
  • mailcentre@mgu-russian.com
  • skypemgu-russian
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Study with the best teachers on your own schedule

Group classes -

Mastering elementary communicative Russian. Experienced MGU teachers. We form groups of students with similar level of Russian language. New acquaintance and impressions.

200 € per 20 academic hours

Individual classes -

You can feel difference after the very first class. You can study wherever is comfortable. Plan your own schedule.

20 € per 1 academic hour

We offer discounts depending on course duration.

12 weeks - 5%
24 weeks - 10%

Assistance with receiving the Russian visa and accommodation

  • You will immediately use your skills in daily life. Total immersion provides significant effect.
  • The best teachers with more than 25 years of experience of teaching Russian for foreigners
  • Russian Language Centre education is known worldwide.

Why do we always achieve goals

  • Invitation for the student visa.
  • We will meet you at the airport.
  • Accommodation with native speakers. You can choose hostel, host family or hotel.
  • Moscow tours with guide.

We offer personal approach and supportive environment in each particular case. Our guests can be confident and safe.


to Russia in summer 2018!