Russian speaking course

Russian speaking course will improve your communication skills fast. You will start speaking immediately, communicating to your groupmates. Qualified and experienced teachers will help you to progress rapidly. You will learn to speak Russian fast discussing different topics, newspaper articles and daily news.

Visa support:

How you enrol

  • File an application.
  • Take a test.
  • You will be enrolled in the relevant group.

How you learn

Swift and smooth improvements in a comfortable and supportive environment of group lessons of Russian language. Each group is composed of the students with similar level of language proficiency. You won’t be bored or kept silent due to the different levels of knowledge of other students. On the contrary, a group of peers will give you the grounds for your skills development, efficient communication and feedback.

Group lessons are mainly about communication, knowledge exchange and constant networking.

Have you already studied the Russian language?

Groups for experienced students go constantly. Take the test and join the level group.

For Whom Russian speaking course

  • For those who'd like to start to speak Russian
  • For those who have some basic knowledge of Russian
  • For those who understand but have difficulties in expressing and communicating

What you receive Russian speaking course

  • ability to speak Russian
  • fast progress in communicative skills