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Private russian lessons

Course price — 20 € 
Per 1 academic hour
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 Advantages of the private russian lessons: 

The course includes grammar, phonetics and pronunciation, vocabulary and writing. A lot of attention is paid to speaking practice and listening.

Teachers of Moscow State University use modern teaching methods and that helps students not just to learn Russian, but to comprehend Russia with its culture and traditions.

  • You will have private course program according to your preferences, your level of knowledge, your professional interests and number of classes, you’d like to take
  • Private schedule according to your work and/or study schedule. The classes can be in the morning, afternoon or in the evening.
  • You may also choose the place: classes at the Centre or at your home/office
  • You may combine group and private lessons for the most effective results
  • During the classes you may discuss various topics to find out more about culture and life in Russia
•Please note that you should take at least 2 ac. hours at once (for the classes at the Centre)
•Private lessons at the Centre are 14.00 — 21.00.

Processing of the invitation for the EU citizens takes about 3-5 work days 

(in case of the period of the course is not more than 90 days)

Russian language private lessons in Moscow are the most effective way of fast studying. In Russian Language Centre such type of study has a number of features. It’s suitable for the businessmen who have a lack of free time, the students who are going to prepare for the TORFL exam, and also for the students who wish to pass faster from one level of Russian to another. Also it’s possible to combine group and private Russian classes.
The organization of private training is a serious problem for many centers of Russian as it demands qualified teachers and a big number of classrooms. Russian language Centre has a big team of professional experienced teachers. Private Russian classes can also be at your place at any convenient time. You may take any number of classes according to the plan of your tuition. This is the benefit of private Russian classes.

Specialized Russian courses

Russian Language Centre offers specialized and business private Russian courses — from 26 Euros. You can choose the specialization of your one to one Russian lessons.
•Business Russian Course including two programs on 40 and 80 hours
•Russian language program for those who work in tourism (80 ac.hours)
•Specialized ecological program (80 ac.hours)
•Specialized program on Russian history (80 ac.hours)
•Special (professional) Russian Courses. Programs: Economy, Law.
•Course of translation from Russian into English

Your teacher will show you a unique building of the Moscow State University and make with you a walking tour to the center of Moscow, as a gift from the Russian Language Centre.

At end of the course you will receive:
•recommendations for the further studying of Russian
•Certificate of Moscow State University Russian Language Centre
•a souvenir

Advantages of private Russian lessons in Moscow
Training can be arranged on a One to one Russian course basis at a time and place which suits you. This is a very effective method of learning Russian more effectively. If you want to get up to speed quickly in a specific language program or task, you can have Russian training tailored to your particular needs. Private training is a good option when there is not a scheduled course that fits in with your schedule. Private Russian lessons are normally undertaken in our training rooms at the University Main Building or at the participant’s workplace at a mutually convenient time.

Experienced Teaching Professionals
•Personal attention that encourages and motivates every student
•Practical experience teaching Russian
•Classroom experience in teaching Russian as an international language

Proven & Innovative Teaching Methods of Russian language
•Emphasis on real-life Russian communication and interaction
•Training in both spoken Russian and formal written composition
•Appropriate and up-to-date materials on Russian culture and dialect
•Adaptive teaching to the different learning styles of each private
•In-class participation with an emphasis on practicing what is learned

Customized & Convenient Russian classes
•Designed for specific purposes: business, academic, tourist, etc.
•Russian lessons for students, businesspeople, or specific organizational needs
•Multiple Russian course offerings at different times and at various locations to fit private schedules

In addition to your private Russian lessons you can choose group Russian course. We always prepare private and group Russian courses for our clients in order to focus on very particular areas of need and interest. In consultation with the client & course participants, we put together a carefully tailored and targeted program. Our Russian programs are, depending on the course type, directed towards participants who want to discover the country, its language, and its culture. They include university students and students-to-be as well as professionals needing general linguistic or specialized training. Russian courses are offered throughout the year and are distinguished by their variety and flexibility in regard to dates, duration and intensity.

See you at MGU!

Why Speak Russian language?

Russian belongs to the most widespread languages of the world. It takes the fifth place in the world (after Chinese, Hindi together with close to it Urdu, English and Spanish languages). Approximately 500.000 million people master Russian language; it is studied in 140 countries of the world.
The analysis of geographic distribution of Russian language allows to reveal the role of Russian language abroad and to attribute Russian to the international languages. In comparison with other languages, included in the system of international languages, Russian was on the modest position not long ago. Down to XX century it did not compete with other international languages even in areal scales (excepting the Slavic world).
As the result of interaction of objective and subjective factors (economic, social, cultural), Russian language spread abroad. And today we have the situation when considerable social stratums (employees, businessmen, public figures, etc.) in different countries use Russian language in various communicative spheres. Nowadays Russian language is one of official and working languages in the international organizations (the United Nations, UNESCO, WHO, UNICEF, etc.).
The literary norm and standards of modern Russian in Russia are the examples for people who use it as means of international dialogue, therefore the care of correctness of Russian speech is important not only for native speakers of Russian. So, for example, language of advertising, a standard of speech of journalists, a level of political rhetoric, etc. are capable to affect correctness of use, and also on the attitude to Russian language.
On the other hand, the use of Russian in the international dialogue, in business and the industry, in mass-media of Russian diasporas, in world systems of the communications, first of all on the Russian-speaking Internet, faxes, e-mail, databases, etc. influence on its development in Russia.
The leading European organizations — the European Union and the Council of Europe — encourage measures for assistance of multilingual education, particularly approve functioning and learning Russian in all European countries According to the inspection of “Eurobarometer” (1997) led by EU in 34 countries Western, Central and the East Europe (including the CIS), Russian is the main language of 35% people in these countries, English language — 28%, German language — 20%, the French language — 17% and Italian — 10%.